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Our kids martial arts classes in Gold River will keep your kids fit, active, and healthy as they learn about taekwondo, self defense, and other valuable life skills.

In addition to teaching traditional taekwondo techniques, our program emphasizes confidence, character development, respect, discipline, focus, perseverance, and teamwork – traits that your kids can use in all aspects of their lives.

Students in our youth taekwondo classes will learn the proper techniques for becoming successful martial artists, including kicks, blocks, punches, sparring, and standard forms (known as poomsae in Korean). They will earn a new colored belt for each level of accomplishment, keeping them motivated and rewarding them for their efforts as they work their way up the color belt ranks on the way to earning a black belt.

It’s Not About Winning; It’s About Being Your Best!

Our kids martial arts classes will keep your children challenged while encouraging them to be the best they can be. Our taekwonwo classes stress that students shouldn’t compare themselves to anyone else; rather, they should “compete” against themselves, trying to improve their own skills and recognizing their own accomplishments.


Why Do Parents & Kids Both Love Our Martial Arts Program?

Kids love our taekwondo classes because they’re fun!

Parents love our youth martial arts classes because they see how their children become stronger, more confident, and more focused!


There are many reasons to enroll your child in taekwondo classes in our Gold River studio. Here are a few of the benefits kids will receive from martial arts training.


Focus & Concentration

Paying attention in class is essential in martial arts, making it a great way to help your kids improve their focus and concentration. As they learn different taekwondo techniques, they’ll need to memorize maneuvers, beginning with one step, and then repeating and adding additional steps as they progress. This teaches focus and memorization skills they can apply to schoolwork and other areas of life.

Self Defense

Trying to resolve conflicts without violence is an essential teaching of martial arts. But if your children ever need to defend themselves, taekwondo training will give them self defense skills. In addition to instruction in kicking, punching, and defending oneself, your child will also receive information about being aware of their surroundings and ways to avoid getting in dangerous situations.

Social Skills

While taekwondo is an individual practice, every class has an opportunity for kids to partner with others to practice various skills. This gives children the ability to learn at their own pace while also learning to work well with others and mastering social skills. And because we emphasize courtesy and respect, kids don’t have to worry about being teased or bullied in class.



Structure and discipline are essential parts of a taekwondo class. Students must stand at attention and listen quietly without talking when the instructor is speaking and must show respect to senior students in class. Often, parents notice these skills transfer over to school and home after a child has been participating in youth martial arts classes for awhile.



Respect is a cornerstone of martial arts. Kids must show respect not only to the instructor, but to other students as well. This includes bowing to the instructor and senior students, and answering, “Yes, Ma’am” or “Yes, Sir” to the instructor when called upon. Bowing helps students develop humility and learn to be humble and polite – skills that transfer to everyday life.



Martial arts isn’t about “winning.” It’s about mastering skills at your own pace. Kids build confidence as they move up the ranks of taekwondo, earning a new color belt for each level of training they complete. This system rewards them for their hard work and helps build self esteem and confidence.

Health & Fitness

Being active is an important part of physical fitness. Martial arts makes it fun to exercise! Warm up activities often include stretches, jumping jacks, push ups, and other exercises to get the body ready for the taekwondo lessons to follow. Improved fitness, balance, coordination, and strength are all benefits of martial arts for kids.


Conflict Resolution

Bullying is a huge problem in our society, but martial arts classes can teach kids how to respond to bullying and other conflicts they’ll encounter in life. Through the emphasis on courtesy, respect, and self control, taekwondo classes teach kids how to work with others to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.


Youth martial arts classes help children with proper motor skill development. By learning various stances, kids improve their balance, and by learning how to kick and punch, they develop coordination that allows them to move and react quickly. These skills can help them excel in other sports, too.

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kids martial arts classes Citrus Heights

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