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Precision Martial Arts Academy

Precision Martial Arts Academy is owned and operated by Master Robert Salvo, a 6th Degree Black Belt, and his wife Chelsi, a Second Degree Black Belt.

Master Salvo began training in Taekwondo as a young 8-year-old boy, and reached his 2nd Dan at just 10 years old. Opening his own martial arts school became his dream. He continued to train and move his way up the ranks of Taekwondo, and finally after 25 years of a successful career as a Senior Auto Technician, he was able to realize the dream of having his own school by opening Precision Martial Arts Academy.

Master Salvo has always trained and continues to train under his original Grand Master, Jack Corrie, which speaks to his loyalty.

He shares his love of Taekwondo with his wife Chelsi Salvo, a 2nd Degree Black Belt, and his son Bobby Salvo, a 1st Degree Black Belt.

His passion is to share Taekwondo with members of his community to improve their lives like Taekwondo has done for him.


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Our Taekwondo Instructors

Master Robert Salvo

Master Robert Salvo

Certified Instructor

Sixth Degree Black Belt
Level 3 Chief Judge

Chelsi Salvo

Chelsi Salvo

Instructor Trainee

Second Degree Black Belt

taekwondo martial arts black belt