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Our adult martial arts classes are designed to help adults of any age learn self defense, stay fit, and earn a black belt in taekwondo.

We welcome both men and women of all ages and all fitness levels. We’ll help you improve your physical fitness, increase your flexibility and balance, build your self confidence, and strengthen both your body and mind as you learn a martial art that teaches you self defense and self reliance.

In our Gold River taekwondo classes, you’ll learn standard stances, blocks, kicks, punches, and strikes, as well as practical self defense techniques. As you move up in rank, you’ll also learn to break boards and how to use a variety of martial arts weapons. You’ll become stronger both mentally and physically.

Mentally you’ll become more focused and will learn to deal more confidently with challenges life throws at you. Our goal is to help you become a stronger version of yourself, both mentally and physically.

Come see how Taekwondo classes can improve your life!

Self Defense for Women

One of the most beneficial aspects of martial arts for women is learning how to defend yourself. Our taekwondo classes for adults are designed to help both men and women feel comfortable learning the techniques that could help you defend yourself.

We are not an MMA-style school that emphasizes fighting. Rather, we offer traditional taekwondo classes in a friendly, welcoming environment for adults of all ages who are interested in self improvement and empowerment.

You don’t need any experience, and we welcome people of all fitness levels. Self defense is a skill every woman should have. Try a class today and let us help you get started on your martial arts journey!

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Taekwondo Is For Everyone!

If you’ve been thinking about trying martial arts, but are intimidated because you think you need to be in better shape or should have started when you were younger or aren’t sure you will be good at it, come try a class in our Gold River studio! It’s never too late to start taekwondo.


Whether you trained in martial arts as a child and want to pick it up again as an adult, or you are completely new to taekwondo, you’ll find many benefits from martial arts classes. It’s never too late to start!


Self Defense

One of the obvious benefits of martial arts is training in self defense. Hopefully you will never be in a sitution where you’ll need this training, but if you are, taekwondo can give you the skills to defend yourself.


Health & Fitness

Taekwondo is a great full-body workout that will help you lose weight, gain muscle, improve your balance and coordination, and increase your cardio fitness. One hour of martial arts training can burn 500 calories.



When you challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before and see your improvement as you work your way through the color belt ranks, you’ll gain confidence.


Stress Relief

Martial arts is a great and safe way to relieve stress. Learning new techniques requires your full attention, which means you’ll have to put away any troubles for awhile. Plus, yelling, kicking, and punching can help release tension and anxiety.


Mental Health

Physical activity is a natural way to boost your mood. Endorphins released during exercise can improve your mood for several hours. Combine that with the confidence you’ll gain from learning to defend yourself and the stress relief from yelling and punching and you’ll see why martial arts is good for your mental health.


Coordination & Balance

Lower body stability is essential for martial arts, and as you train in taekwondo, you’ll find that your coordination and balance are improving.  Since we tend to lose our balance as we get older, martial arts is a great way to counteract those changes.

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Discover All Of Our Martial Arts Programs

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Kids Martial Arts

Your kids will learn self defense, as well as important skills such as discipline and respect.

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Adult Martial Arts

Have fun, get fit, and learn to defend yourself as you work toward a black belt in taekwondo.

Martial Arts & Taekwondo classes for the family in Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights

Family Martial Arts

Taekwondo is perfect for everyone in the family. Share time together while learning self defense!